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Celebrating babies in this baby product brand

Following a UKTI review of the business Beauty & the Bib, Lara Boyle, owner, identified that her brand and website needed improving to be able to stand out in the market and reflect the quality of the products. 

Repositioned as a higher priced purchase

We approached the brand holistically in order to clearly position the website and the offer online. Key to this was helping the client to identify that the product is in a higher price bracket and therefore was purchased by parents, family, friends and colleagues as gifts for newborns and babies rather than as necessities. The brand now clearly helps customers celebrate babies through focusing on gifting. 

Identity that says gifting

The new logo developed the original strawberry mascot to make it completely ownable – 'Strawberry Bow'. 

The brand identity was developed to include the ‘Strawberry Bow’ icon which by simple design, recognises the original strawberry bib design and celebrates gifting. A supporting brand language was developed which included vine like graphics with illustrated babies.

A clearer brand positioning and distinct look and feel explained in a set of simple guidelines meant that the brand could be easily reproduced consistently by the franchise partners. This was a key element to helping the brand grow globally.

Copywriting was an essential element of establishing this brand refresh and so we designed thankyou cards written from the baby and applied engaging copywriting online and on gift vouchers.

Restructured website

Working within the current CMS system, the site was completely restructured to make navigation easier but also to ensure that Google would locate them under ‘bibs’, ‘baby’ and ‘gifts’. A more dynamic homepage was created with changing main image and portal style windows to entice the customer in. Key elements of the product were highlighted including the organza gift bags and free delivery, as well as introducing Lara as the founder.

Photo style

Working closely with the client we helped direct a number of photoshoots that featured the product in beautiful lifestyle scenarios to create aspirational images online.

Social media

A Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Flickr group were established to represent the brand and engage with customers in more ways. A social media strategy was established which included a daily tweet to celebrate famous births – this has generated a large following!


All activity helped to drive more traffic to the website and contributed to the rise in online sales.

Love range of bibs

We developed a range of designs which allowed the Strawberry Bow icon to feature on slogans for various members of the family.

Creating gifting opportunities

Newly designed boxes featuring the Strawberry Bow as a simple silver foiled icon on the lid meant the boxes could be used as keepsakes as baby grows up! We suggested that gift vouchers would be useful for customers who may be buying for a friend or colleague but don’t have children themselves and so are anxious as to what to buy. The gift vouchers feature the ‘World of Strawberry Bow’ and come in a stylish simple gift card with some fun copywriting revealed when the voucher is taken out. Both vouchers and gift sets helped increase individual sales figures.

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