Work PCR funding report 2020

Report design analysing the funding landscape across the UK featuring the new brand

When PCR approached us to design the brochure to present their detail analysis of the funding landscape for research into prostate cancer we understood the importance of this document to influence change and attract supporters. With many complex charts and detail information to be explained we strived to ensure that it was engaging and clear. See the full report.

We worked with the client to ensure that the key findings were clear from the beginning of the brochure with more detail information further in. This strong structure to the messages meant that both skim readers and more thorough digesters would have the information they needed to react.

A hierarchy of pages was created through layout and coloured backgrounds.

Chart information was simplified and well designed to be easily understood and attractive to look at.

Key facts were pulled out in the design, such as the much smaller number of cancer research charities compared to general cancer charities.

The inside back cover summarises the immediate need for support by stating simply the current medical impact of prostate cancer. 

This is the first publication produced since we completed the rebrand with PCR. It was important to demonstrate the brand can speak to a variety of audiences and present the brand tone of voice consistently. The focused direction of the charity to shape the research landscape is clear to see.

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A refreshed brand for PCR

Working closely with the PCRC team we refreshed their brand to shift focus on to science and the impact their research grants can achieve for prostate cancer patients. The new brand is a bold move and hopes to inspire more funding for sciencific breakthroughs.


PCRC strategy plan

We developed the overall brochure structure and design to represent the 4-year strategy plan for the Prostate Cancer Research Centre (PCRC). The client was excited to move forward their brand image in this document in which they lay out their ambitious plans.

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