Work Visit Greenwich cruise promotions

Marketing to the cruise industry

With a new cruise line pier and supporting facilities for leisure and retail opening at Greenwich Peninsula in 2018 there is a need to promote to the industry the new and unique opportunity into London via the Thames. We have worked with Visit Greenwich to support them in reaching these audiences and demonstrate the combination of heritage and contemporary experiences available in one place. 

Unique promotions booklet

Our first forray into this sector was to design a booklet outlining unique packages which could be made available to cruise audiences from the major attractions within Greenwich.


A more comprehensive brochure showing stunning images of the various attractions and experiences available in Greenwich helps to truly understand it as a destination within its own right. 

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Visit Greenwich brand

We worked closely with Visit Greenwich to identify the key assets and most recognisable elements of Greenwich's heritage and culture and then incorporate them into a typographic logo.


Visit Greenwich visitor guides

A series of guides, leaflets and maps designed to highlight the major attractions in Greenwich and ensure visitors make the most of their time on site. 

Branding, Out of the ordinary

Visit Greenwich Workzone

A new employment initiative from Visit Greenwich for residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich to promote careers in tourism, leisure and entertainment.

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