Work Gourmet burger brand

An eccentric English take on gourmet burgers for this new chain - Gigneys

Gigneys is a unique chain of burger bars operating as a community interest company. Whilst training apprentices from the local college and creating a network with local businesses in the hospitality sector it is also offering a quality dining experience. No other business operates this model and so the brand needed to have a 'best of British' attitude and an element of fun whilst being serious about good grub.

We rebranded the burger chain and redesigned the interiors, menu and website to create a distinct quirky brand with personality and wit. 

We created an identity which is more solid and meaty, and then were playful with elements of the brand referencing a cow graphic, cow references and unique 'G' language. We designed and directed:

  • menus
  • interiors
  • exterior signage
  • staff uniform
  • tableware
  • loyalty scheme - Cow Card
  • special lunchtime offer for office workers - Lunch Rush
  • launch promotion for Father's Day
  • website
  • restaurant calling card and comments card

and on-going we are working with the client on keeping the food offer fresh with seasonal and event based specialities. Social media is growing as an avenue to stay in touch with new and current customers.

The most important element of this refresh was to ensure that we enticed customers to experience the great food on their doorstep. The first branch is in Windsor. Turnover is up 300% from the first day open following the brand refresh. We are planning the next branch in Brighton.

Print materials

Print material including menu, bill holder, feedback postcard and business card and carries the fun tone of voice.

Interior design

Interior design of overall look to include colour palette, graphics, prints and signage.

Restaurant frontage


Father's Day promotion

Lunch Rush menu

Loyalty scheme

Website design

Fully responsive website design provides the essential where we are and menu information but also helps explain the ethos of the community interest business and exudes the brand personality.

Menu page features a changing background of images which are framed in the restaurant.

Loyalty card is promoted on a game page.

Our story page explains the setup of the business and recruitment opportunities.

Error page has an irreverant tone like the brand.

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