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Redeveloping an interiors brand to appeal to home lovers

With over 35 years of experience at helping customers make the best of their homes, Tudor Shutters and Blinds had grown its service and the quality of its product but had lagged behind on presenting themselves as best they could in store, online and in print.  

Whilst the company recognised that it needed a new website as the original site was poorly designed and was not generating any sales, it also needed to be clear who it was targeting. In reality the company was being carried by its long standing reputation and repeat customers. It needed to grow its customer base. A complete brand review was required.

“Over the past two years we have worked closely with Fit Creative, from renovating our brand to creating new ad campaigns.
The advice, support, time and dedication put in by the team was beyond our expectations every time. Fit Creative gave us the motivation to push our company to where it is today.”

Tony Ferguson
Tudor Touch


The company name was an evolution of how their business had grown and was even now not reflective of all the services and products on offer. The current promotional materials were out of date and had been designed by one of the partners without due thought for the customer aspirations. The in-shop experience was very cluttered and overwhelming which was off-putting for new customers. The expertise and professionalism of the partners was being lost under a sea of options. It was clear that the rebrand needed to review the whole customer experience. 

Working wtih all three partners it became clear that whilst very busy running the company they had not taken the time to discuss how they wanted to present the company and where they thought its future was. We needed to help them resolve this. 

We renamed the company to Tudor Touch. The new name has the feel of a lifestyle brand and allowed us to build a number of customer sales lines:

  • the personal touch
  • the expert’s touch
  • the finishing touch

Establishing the customer offer

We created the descriptor ‘Shutters and blinds and more’ to make it clear what the company provided, and added the proposition ‘Fall in love with your home’ to represent the feeling engendered after commissioning the company.

Brand creation

A sophisticated logo in black worked well with products and lifestyle imagery. And a strong visual language of mixed typographic styles used to set striking copy messages represented the owners’ expertise.

The new brand was applied in the shop, online, in print, in advertising, and on van livery and uniforms. A private re-launch was held to welcome loyal customers and new ones to the new look.

Website look and feel and overall structure of new online offer.

Redesigning the brand experience

The complete application of the new brand on the shop exterior and interior, van livery, uniform, promotional material and online meant that the quality of the service and product was now apparent to all. The new look has allowed the business to re-acquaint itself with old customers and pull in new ones who had previously dismissed the shop!

Creating marketing materials

A consistent look and feel was applied across all print communications including corporate stationery, brochures and in advertising. The stylish confident look reflected the expertise and quality of the company.

Local advertising

The strong brand language ensures that local small ads in local publications stand out in colour and even when in black & white. 

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