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Three years of campaign marketing for Recommend a Friend

The Recommend a Friend scheme has proven to be a hugely successful recruitment campaign accounting for a third of all new students. We have created the literature and marketing materials to promote it to current GSM London students. Over three years the campaign has evolved to make it simpler and faster to complete the process and for students to get their rewards. 

Three years of campaign

This internally targeted campaign has evolved over 3 years, always featuring genuine students from the GSM London student body. 

Sub-brand mark

The current campaign features a 'thumbs up' graphic to allow all information and marketing materials to be consistently branded and recognisable to the student body. 

The leaflet demonstrates the process of completing the recommendation and receiving your reward using a simple diagram and infographics. 

See the full leaflet

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GSM London digital

Digital campaigns for GSM London including e-campaigns, e-books and pay-per-click landing pages. We provide all the design and work with the digital build team to achieve campaigns which are mappable and build on success.


GSM London marketing

Since 2013 we have worked with the marketing team at GSM London to produce various campaigns and marketing tools including prospectuses, door-drops, leaflets, ads and exhibition work. This work often fits together with digital tools such as e-books, pay-per-click landing pages and e-campaigns.


GSM London website

We designed the GSM London website structure in order to be easier to navigate, reach all audiences on any size device, and promote the unique education offer to domestic and international audiences.


GSM London Formation Zone

We designed the marketing materials for this initiative started by Plymouth University and now offered at GSM London to its students to help them set up their business. 


GSM London Horizon Award

Working with GSM London we have established the sub-brand for the Horizon Award which is aimed at students to enhance their CV and bring an extra dimension to their degree. 

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