Work PCR newsletters

Tri-annual roundup of research news and insights from PCR

Engaging with the science and public communities for prostate cancer through a three-times a year newsletter. We design each issue of the newsletter to be in line with the rebrand we completed previously and to support clear editorial design.

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PCR annual reports

Working closely with the client since 2019 over a number of communications projects including their rebranding, we have designed and produced the last four annual reports. 

Branding, Charity

A refreshed brand for PCR

Working closely with the PCRC team we refreshed their brand to shift focus on to science and the impact their research grants can achieve for prostate cancer patients. The new brand is a bold move and hopes to inspire more funding for sciencific breakthroughs.


PCRC strategy plan

We developed the overall brochure structure and design to represent the 4-year strategy plan for the Prostate Cancer Research Centre (PCRC). The client was excited to move forward their brand image in this document in which they lay out their ambitious plans.


PCR funding report 2020

A report highlighting the funding gaps and the research potentials for prostate cancer, now the commonly occuring cancer amongst men in the UK. We worked with our newly created brand to inject clarity and visual engagement into complex information. 

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