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Designing and producing the PCR annual reports over a number of years

Working closely with the client since 2019 over a number of communications projects including their rebranding, we have designed and produced the last four annual reports. 

Report 2021-22

Reporting on the charity’s grant giving over the 2022 year and its priorities for research going forward. See the full report

Report 2020-21

Another year of great research growth for the charity is reported on in this annual, leading from the cover through the content of the report. See the full report

The focus of the annual is to demonstrate the large growth in research funding and projects on-going.

Report 2019-20

Reporting during the challenging Covid-19 pandemic. Following a year within which the world suffered the Covid-19 pandemic and the charity made great strides to create partnerships and links to the US to further its ability to fund research, the report reflects the challenges and the bold responses to ensure that research continued to push forward. 

See the full report

During the last year we completed a rebrand of PCR. Throughout the design of the report the new look and feel of the brand has been applied. 

The actions taken by the charity to mitigate Covid-19's impact on the research projects are clearly stated. 

The report signs off reiterating the need for innovation and flexibility to push foward with research.

Report 2018-19

Presenting PCRC's dynamic year of change in this annual report. PCRC's annual report 2018-19 combines with an impact statement to set out their achievements and next steps. 

See the full report

The format of the report as a square A4 brochure with a clean, white image creates a refreshing and striking new look to PCRC's communications

The title 'A bold new chapter' reflects their ambitions going forward and the steps they have already taken to implement the approach. The scientists involved in their new grants are all featured on the inside cover. 

Following the 4-year strategy brochure, the annual report for PCRC continues to outline their achievements and their next steps with simple strong statements and a clean design style. 

Also for this client


PCR funding report 2020

A report highlighting the funding gaps and the research potentials for prostate cancer, now the commonly occuring cancer amongst men in the UK. We worked with our newly created brand to inject clarity and visual engagement into complex information. 


PCRC strategy plan

We developed the overall brochure structure and design to represent the 4-year strategy plan for the Prostate Cancer Research Centre (PCRC). The client was excited to move forward their brand image in this document in which they lay out their ambitious plans.

Branding, Charity

A refreshed brand for PCR

Working closely with the PCRC team we refreshed their brand to shift focus on to science and the impact their research grants can achieve for prostate cancer patients. The new brand is a bold move and hopes to inspire more funding for sciencific breakthroughs.

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