Work Employ Autism campaign

Leading the charge for employing young autistic people

Ambitious about Autism's new campaign Employ Autism needed a striking look and feel to lead this ambitious employment movement. 

Network marketing

Separate Employ Autism flyer and leaflet were created to reach out to potential employers and partners.

Set of marketing tools

We have designed and produced a range of marketing tools to present the Employ Autism campaign, programme and network led by Ambitious about Autism. 

All the literature is designed to sit together as a family whilst being clearly differentiated. 

Core graphics

Employ Autism needed a strong look and recognisable graphics to explain the purpose of the programe. The network flower was created to represent the interconnected nature of the network partners. 

Bold statistics highlight the missed opportunity and potential benefits of employing young autistic people. 

A striking colour palette of blue and orange represents the appeal and network, and also the young autistic people and the supporters. 

Appeal brochure

The Employ Autism appeal was promoted to potential financial supporters through this brochure.

Network brochure

The Employ Autism network was promoted to potential partners through this brochure. 

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