Work Goldsmiths’ Centre Impact Report

Presenting the impact achieved by the Goldsmiths' Centre annually

Impact Report 2024

Working closely with the client to design a document which clearly recorded the achievements of the year and the ambitions ahead. As an on-going method of capturing the progress of the Goldsmiths' Centre, it sets a precedence and helps drive them forward.

The report features key stories from members of the community, across students, partners, businesses, partners, peers and influencers. The brochure contents are also being used digitally for wider dissemination. 

See the full report. 

Highlights leaflet

Following the production of the full impact report, we designed and produced a highlights leaflet for easy distribution of the key proposition of the Goldsmiths' Centre and its impact in the previous year.

Designed as an A6, 8-page gatefold leaflet, it's handy pocket size makes it a perfect take-away. 

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