Work Old Royal Naval College digital

Developing the ORNC brand on numerous digital platforms

We have designed and built the website, the e-newsletter template, and two Facebook applications. We also established the brand on some key social media platforms which aided both its reach and building a community.


A powerful and more interactive website has been designed and launched for the ORNC which allows more visitors to connect with and plan a visit to the site.

A clear navigation allows all users to easily find what they are looking for online, be it learning options or hiring the venue or just coming to see the stunning sights. Online booking facilities make it easier for visitors to catch the range of exciting events and increases the revenue possibilities for the site which is managed as a charity with free entry.

Online shopping opened up the possibility to buy mementos online.


A coded template was created to allow the client to produce consistent and good looking e-newsletters to their growing database. Linked in to the new website it allowed them to grow their database of contacts and segment them by interest areas. 

Social media

Supporting growing social media platforms with branding and platform specific graphics. 

Bespoke bookings

Further developments of the website post original design included a bespoke booking system allowing repeat events to be ticketed at individual time slots. A system such as this is seen on major cinemas but we coded and implemented it at a much reduced cost to fit in with the charity's needs. 

Also for this client


Old Royal Naval College branding

Creating a distinct brand identity for the Old Royal Naval College to overcome confusion about the site and what it is.  


Old Royal Naval College marketing

Over 5 years we have created a variety of marketing materials including events leaflets, advertising, exhibition materials, interpretation leaflets and much more. We have worked closely with the client to create a strong brand look and feel across all their needs.


Old Royal Naval College fundraising

Over a number of years we have developed numerous campaigns which have supported conservation works, essential maintenance and the development of it as a visitor attraction. 

Out of the ordinary

Old Royal Naval College installations

We have designed and produced a variety of 3D design items to support on-site signage, exhibitions and interactive installations.

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