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Establishing a leading London attraction with a distinct brand identity - ORNC

Creating a distinct brand identity for the Old Royal Naval College to overcome confusion about the site and what it is.  We supported the new identity with the line 'Wren's twin domed riverside masterpiece' and a complete brand language to apply across all communications and digital platforms. 

The revamped brand has allowed the site to grow its profile and gain recognition as a must see tourist destination.

Matching the brand to the landmark

Having established the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre in 2010 and achieved a million visitors in a year, the Old Royal Naval College (ORNC) was punching above its weight amongst the visitor attractions in London. However despite these impressive figures the ORNC was still little known, and Wren's famous twin-domes on the riverside were not associated with the brand name. A unification of its three main attractions under one recognisable mark was required. A more contemporary voice was needed to promote the changing events.

Fit worked closely with the team at the ORNC to create a new identity which celebrated the twin domes within an icon. The icon is used as a shorthand for the ORNC and is present in all sub-brand identities.

“Wren’s twin domes are known across the globe, but what is not so widely known is that they are the centrepiece of the Old Royal Naval College,” says Commercial and Visitor Services Director, Karine Lepeuple. “By putting them at the heart of our new logo and using the strap line ‘Wren’s twin domed riverside masterpiece’ we are now making a direct link between our name and our most famous architectural feature.”

Site specific sub-brands

In order to help navigate the site's large space, sub-brand logos were created for each the Painted Hall, the Chapel and the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre. The were applied on signage and interpretation literature.

ORNC Angels brand

A friends supporter group was created which we named and branded as the ORNC Angels. A witty reversioning of the brand icon allows it to be distinct and linked. 

Shop sub-brand

In order to support the role of the shop as a key income driver for the trust, a distinct gift based logo was created. Rendered as a length of ribbon the logo allows the shop to sell items of a much higher value under the family brand of the ORNC.

Also for this client


Old Royal Naval College digital

We have designed and built the website, the e-newsletter template, and two Facebook applications. We also established hte brand on some key social media platforms which aided both its reach and building a community.

Out of the ordinary

Old Royal Naval College installations

We have designed and produced a variety of 3D design items to support on-site signage, exhibitions and interactive installations.


Old Royal Naval College marketing

Over 5 years we have created a variety of marketing materials including events leaflets, advertising, exhibition materials, interpretation leaflets and much more. We have worked closely with the client to create a strong brand look and feel across all their needs.

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